Calculate Your Time

It is important to accurately estimate your predicted time so that you are placed with other runners of similar ability.  To calculate your estimated race pace, please use the Pace Calculator or Runners World Race Time Predictor.

If you have not begun running yet or are still unsure about your estimated time for the Carsington 7+, please input 1 hour 30 minutes when you register for the race.

There is a cut-off time, for all runners, of 2 hours to complete the race.  We will do our best to support all individuals getting around the course and we will have a degree of flexibility. However, we cannot guarantee that anyone running slower than this time will have the opportunity to finish the race and have a result recorded. There will be a sweep bike that will record all runners who drop-out or are slower than the cut-off time.

Anyone who falls behind the sweep bike will be considered as out of the race and therefore has the responsibility to proceed following the trails/paths as a general member of the public.