Prize Structure

Men & Women
1st£20 Derby Runner Voucher + Bottle of Wine
2nd£10 Derby Runner Voucher + Bottle of Wine
3rdBottle of Wine


  1. Prizes will be awarded on the basis of the official ‘gun times’ in accordance with UKA Rules of Competition and the Event Rules.
  2. Should there be any doubt or discrepancies with the results, then the Carsington 7+ organisers reserve the right to withhold awarding a prize until a final decision has been made.
  3. All prize winners will be displayed on the event website within 14 days of the race.
  4. All prizes listed are subject to amendment.
  5. Prizes will only be awarded based on the information submitted through the formal entry process.  If runners have failed to supply any information relevant to the prize awards, then the data may not be included in the results after the race and they may not receive the relevant prize that could have been eligible for.  It is the runners’ responsibility to ensure their entrant data is submitted accurately.
  6. Any runner falsely claiming a prize through their entry data, by claiming to be someone else, or by any other fraudulent method will result in the prize being withdrawn from them and the runner will be reported to UK Athletics.
  7. All prizes will be presented on race day unless there are discrepancies/challenges to the results.  Vouchers not claimed on race day will be made available for the winners to collect within 1 calendar month of the race day.
  8. All appeals and correspondence to be addressed to the Race Director.