Race Numbers and Start

All race numbers will be posted out in the week before the event. If you have an issue with your race number such as it being damaged or lost, you must contact us via email info@carsington7.co.uk prior to the cut-off time of 8pm on Saturday 18th September. This year, we will not be dealing with reissuing damaged or lost race packs on race day.

From 09:15am, runners will be called to the start area in groups of 100 according to race number. Lower race numbers of the 100 should head towards the front of the holding area, middle numbers around the centre and higher race numbers towards the back. Runners will be spaced out on the start line and there will be one start wave. Race numbering will be based on predicted finish times. Please do not congregate in areas close to the Start until you hear your announcement.

Please be patient at all times in the start area and do not get over-concerned if you have missed your call to the start line. Runners based at the back of the field will be able to see their own personal chip time. It is anticipated that all runners will be in place ready to start from 09:25am.

For anyone who choses to wear a mask in the start area, there will be a bin just after the start line for runners to discard their mask.

Any clothing discarded at the start by runners should be thrown into the bin at the actual start line. Any clothing discarded elsewhere will be regarded as litter and disposed of accordingly. Any runner found to be littering will be disqualified from the race.