Start Plan

Details of the 2021 event will appear here in due course. In the meantime, please find below details of the 2020 event under strict covid-secure procedures.

“CALL” time = when you will be called to the start Holding Area 1.

“WAVE START” time = when your race number group of 100 will gradually be set off from the start line in waves of 9 runners every 15 seconds.

  • Runners are asked to listen for announcements in the Race Village before moving into the start Holding Area 1.  Please refer to the “Call” time on your race number.  Please do not congregate in areas close to the Holding Area 1 until you hear your announcement.  Runners will be processed according to race number regardless.
  • A maximum of 100 runners, according to race number, will be called into Holding Area 1 at one time. Lower race numbers of the 100 should head towards the front of the holding area, middle numbers around the centre and higher race numbers towards the back.  Runners should self-socially distance at all times, even if you are members of the same family or social bubble.
  • Runners in small groups of 20 will then gradually be called into Holding Area 2 starting with lower race numbers.  Runners should continue to self-socially distance at all times.
  • Runners are then brought forward in small groups of 10 into the controlled socially distanced Holding Area 3.  Runners will be expected to stand and wait on a marker on the ground, 2 metres apart and 3 per line.
  • In groups of 9 (3 rows of 3 runners per line), runners will be brought forward into Holding Area 4.
  • When Holding Area 1 is empty, the next group of 100 runners will be called into this area as the previous group of runners are moving through Holding Areas, 2, 3 and 4.
  • Runners are started in waves of 9 runners (3 rows of 3 runners per line), 15 seconds apart.  This will give ample time for runners to spread out prior to reaching the track at the end of the car park (approximately 250m after the start line).
  • Marshals with PPE will between each holding area to check numbers and assist runners to remain socially-distanced whilst progressing from each holding area.
  • The holding areas have been carefully calculated and Holding Area 1, 2 and 3 offer 3-4 times the space for 2m social distancing between each runner.
  • “Call” and “Wave Start” times are unable to be changed.  Please note that the results are based on your chip time so it won’t make a difference when you cross the start line.
  • If you miss you “Call” time, do not try and catch-up.  Instead approach the marshal in start Holding Area 1 and you will be processed through the start holding area accordingly.
  • Please refer to your race number for your allocated CALL and START WAVE times: